The Classé CAV-500 is a monster. It is a 5 Channel Power Amplifier which delivers 500 watts per channel into 4 ohm loads, 250 watts into 8 ohms. W ith a design inspired by the sonics, circuitry and appearance of the Omega Series amplifiers, the beautiful CAV-500, Classé's best five channel amplifier, brings you a level of quality not previously available in a multi-channel format. Whether you're listening to music or whispered dialogue, to thundering dinosaurs or exploding factories, you will find the CAV-500 proving it can not only live up to its high-end parentage, but also get down in the gutter and brawl. 

There is no doubt about the contents of this package. All five inputs can be either balanced or single ended. Each channel will deliver 500 watts into a 4 ohm load. It has more than enough power supply to drive the most difficult loads to crescendo levels, the reserves to quickly deliver high amounts of current, and the most musical and refined sound in every channel. This is an amplifier designed and built to deliver everything you want in your home theater when you want it to make you believe you're in a big-city movie theater with a great sound system or in a concert hall in one of the world's great cities.

The power supply of a CAV-500 includes a massive, shielded, toroidal transformer. The power supply reserves for each channel include a large cluster of small capacitors. We use over-size collections of small capacitors in all of our electronics because they “drain” and “refill” very rapidly and completely. Voltage and current is supplied immediately when required, without lag or overshoot.

A fast, clean power supply allows us a higher degree of accurate voltage regulation throughout the circuitry. This ensures that no matter how dynamic the program material is, and no matter what the sound pressure level is, the voltages at the various stages of amplification will remain steady.

The fast, oversized power supply allows the amplifier to deliver the full current and voltage required by the program material to virtually any speaker load. The CAV-500 provides you with sound which is clean, liquid, warm and effortless. When you're listening to two channel music, imaging, with the better recordings we all enjoy listening to, is both wide and deep. In fact, imaging seems real and human, without the artificial hard edges so common in lesser amplification.

A theater installation that includes the Classé CAV-500 will open more than your eyes. It will give your music and the audio on movies you've heard before, in fact everything audio you've gotten used to, that same ability to surprise and delight they had when you first experienced them. You'll find great amounts of detail in music, more “quiet” in intimate scenes, a more “real” feeling in complex sounds capes. Bass will be solid, deep, surrounding, involving. Highs are extended, smooth, delightfully real.


Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20KHz ±0.1 db
Sensitivity: 1.2 Volts in for rated output
Input Impedance: 75 KOhm (Single ended)
  16 KOhm (Balanced)
Output Impedance: 0.05 Ohm
Gain: 29 db
S/N Ratio: More than 135 db
THD + N: 0.004%
Maximum power and Channel configuration with 8 Ohms load: Five (5) Channels- 250 Watts x 5
Power consumption (idle): 400 W
Dimensions: Gross 15" x 28.5" x 26"
Dimensions: Net 9.5" x 19" x 23.5"
Weight: Gross 140 lb.
Weight: Net 124 lb.
Special Classé Finish: Soft Shadow Silver with Black Towers