All Classé preamplifiers share a common, unique design. We begin with an exceptionally quiet, shielded toroidal transformer that is designed to minimize magnetic fields. Its ultra stable output is then fed into several stages of regulation, which, like our power amplifiers, use numerous high quality small capacitors for the supplies' filtering stages. The result is an extremely clean, fast and stable power supply that easily follows the rapidly changing energy demands of music. The end result is a lightening quick response on transients, while providing fabulous dynamics coupled with a more detailed, natural sound.

Microphonics has been a problem that has plagued designers since the beginning of recorded sound. Our circuit boards and component layouts are meticulously designed to eliminate all microphonic effects, and employ state-of-the-art discrete circuitry. Additionally, the CP-35 is fully remote controlled; you may select input source with the wand, as well as mute or change the volume.

Bl-POLAR, MOSFET, OR J- FET? After years of painstaking research, we have developed a method of using all three types in a unique sequence that makes the most of their electrical and sonic characteristics.

All Classé preamplifiers come with a remote control and very user-friendly features. The CP-35 with four high-level inputs and tape loop, a balanced input and output also come as standard features.

Build quality is exemplary, from the ultra-thick circuit boards to the solid, machined aluminum remote control. Finally, the elegant appearance and functional layout are hallmarks of the Classé look, feel and individuality.


Inputs: Aux.
  Tape in
Outputs: Balanced main out
  Single ended main out
  Tape out
Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz + or - 0.05db
Sensitivity: 120 mV
Maximum output voltage: 24.00 V peak to peak
Input impedance: 33 KOhm
Output impedance: 0 Ohm
Gain: 18.00 db
S/N Ratio: 95 dbr
THD + N: 0.050%
Standard finishes: Soft Shadow Silver with Black fascia
Dimensions: w: 19 x d: 10.25 x h: 2.75"
Weight: 11 lb.