In the age of digital, terrestrial broadcasts on the AM and FM bands continue to be a source of entertainment and information for music lovers worldwide. Classé Audio is pleased to offer the CT-10 AM/FM tuner, designed to provide critical listeners with the highest performance, that they may more fully enjoy the variety and spontaneity of radio broadcasts. 

Tuning stages 
The CT-10 employs a Phased Locked Loop digital front end. Our goal is to provide maximum audio performance when tuned to strong stations, without sacrificing the ability to receive weaker and more distant ones. Circuit layout, critical in all audio applications, is particularly important in radio frequency designs. The Classé CT-10 circuit components have been laid out by hand, by an experienced design team, to assure the best possible performance from the tuning stages. No computer-routing program can compete with experienced designers in this essential task. 

Balanced circuitry 
As with the tuning stages, all audio circuits inside the CT-10 benefit from high-quality circuit board materials and component layout by experienced designers. Component parts are selected for sound quality and reliability. As with other Classé designs, the analog output stage features balanced circuitry. When properly implemented, balanced circuits and interconnections can reject noise and distortion, which would otherwise degrade audio signals. Classé takes care when implementing balanced circuits to derive the full benefit from this more costly topology. In the end, we achieve the sweet, dynamic and open sound quality that has become a hallmark of Classé performance. 

Interconnection standards 
The CT-10 offers both single-ended and balanced line-level outputs for use in systems equipped with either interconnection standard. The chassis is fitted with professional-grade XLR as well as RCA-type phono connectors. 

Special features 
The CT-10 features US-system Radio Data System (RDS) tuning. For stations broadcasting RDS information, the unit will display PS (station call letters), CT (clock/calendar information) and PT (program-type, such as “Classical,” “Talk,” etc). 

The CT-10 is equally at home in high-end stereo, home theater and whole-house entertainment systems. It offers convenience features such as IR remote control, rear panel IR in and out, RS-232 control, DC trigger control, discrete commands for on/off and all tuner functions, direct frequency access tuning and memory for dozens of AM and FM preset stations. 

Whether integrated with a third-party control system or placed on a shelf and operated by infrared remote control, the CT-10 is an elegant addition to any high-performance music system. The chassis is hand-crafted in the Classé tradition with a two-toned billet-aluminum finish. As with all Classé components, the CT-10 is designed to deliver years of enjoyment and complete satisfaction.


Tuning range FM 100 MHz Steps 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz
30 dB quieting – Mono 2 µV
30 dB quieting – Stereo 4 µV
Output level 2 Kohm load 780 mV
50 dB quieting sensitivity – Mono 12.5 mV
50 dB quieting sensitivity – Stereo 100 mV
Distortion Input: 1mV 1KHz 0.30%
Frequency response 10 Hz to 15 KHz
Separation 100 Hz 55.0 dB
Tuning range AM 10 KHz steps 520 KHz to 1610 KHz
Intermediate frequency 450 KHz
Quieting sensitivity at S/N 20 dB 603 KHz 450 µV
Quieting sensitivity at S/N 20 dB 1404 KHz 450 µV
AM suppression input: 1 mV AM 30% 80 dB
Signal to noise 999KHz 47 dB
Distortion 0.80%
Output level 2 KOhm load at 5 mV/M input 280 mV
Weights and measurements  
Width 25”-63.5cm
Depth 20”-50.8cm
Height 3.75”-22.8cm
Width 19”-48.2cm
Depth 16”-40.7cm
Height 3.75”-7cm
Gross Weight 24lbs – 10.91kg
Net Weight 15lbs – 6.82kg