Firmware – CA-5300

CA-5300 Firmware

Current Version: V2.02 (Front Panel) – P4 (Heatsink)
Last Updated:
  • 27 February 2015 (Front Panel Software)
  • 14 September 2011 (Heatsink Software)

This Firmware is also used for CT-5300 Models with Serial Numbers other than 2090xxx (where x = any number).

Update BOTH software components

The CA-5300 amplifier has 2 internal software components: the Front Panel (FP) Software and the Heatsink (HS) software. Both must be updated. Make sure to update the Front Panel Software FIRST, prior to updating the Heatsink Software.


How to check the currently installed Firmware

The unit must be connected to a Classe system using CAN-Bus. On a unit with a TFT screen press MENU/STATUS/MORE to view a list of CAN-Bus devices in the system. Select the amplifier and press SELECT/STATUS to view the current version. If the amplifier does not show up on the CAN-Bus list it should be updated.

Installation Program

This Firmware update must be transferred from a local Windows PC to the unit using the “Classé Amploader 3.5” utility. The Classé Amploader 3.5 utility is a small standalone application that can run from your computer Desktop or your Program Files folder. It is included in the ZIP archive.