Firmware – CDP-202

CDP-202 – Firmware

The CDP-202 has 2 software updates. The ZIP Archive contains both updates, but they can be installed independently.

• Main Firmware V1.10, 14 Dec 2007
• MPEG Software V0.199.14.2, 9 March 2009


(The ZIP Archive includes both software updates, the Installation Instructions, Release Notes and Downloader utility.)

How to check the currently installed Firmware

On the front panel or the remote control: press MENU, then from the setup menu select STATUS, then VERSION INFO.

Installation Instructions

1. The Main Firmware software must be transferred from a local Windows PC to the unit using the Classé Downloader 1.2 utility. The Classé Downloader utility is a small standalone application that can run directly from your computer’s Desktop or Program Files folder without further software installation. It is included in the ZIP download archive.

2. The MPEG Software Update requires creating a recordable data CD-R to update the unit. The software data file (the file name should be FLSH98K.UPD) is included in the ZIP Archive. This file — and only this one file — should be written to a blank CD-R disc to create the update disc. Once the disc has been created follow the update instructions to complete the update.