Firmware – CP-800

CP-800 Firmware

Current Version: V1.0.6
Last Updated: 6 March 2014

The CP-800 Firmware Update below can be used for both the original CP-800 as well as CP-800 MkII.  The Update will auto-detect your model and install the appropriate Firmware components.  The release notes of the package state “Release_Notes_CP-800_v2.0.1.4”, the package itself is for both models.


(The ZIP Archive includes Firmware, Installation Instructions, Release Notes and Downloader utility.)

Please note that the Firmware in the ZIP Archive is labeled V2.0.14.  It will however, autodetect original CP-800 Models and install Firmware Update v1.0.6)

How to check the currently installed Firmware

On the front panel or the remote control: press MENU, then from the setup menu select STATUS, then VERSION INFO.

  • The original CP-800 has Version 1.x.x Firmware installed.
  • The CP-800 MkII with Digital UPgrade Board has Version 2.x.x Firmware installed.

This Firmware installer will auto-detect your CP-800 Model and automatically install the correct Firmware, depending on the hardware detected.

Installation Program

Download the ZIP archive to your local computer, unzip the archive and then move the CP-800 firmware package to a clean USB key. A folder named “CP-800” will be created at the root level of the USB key. Follow the update instructions in the PDF file (part of the ZIP archive).