Firmware – Sigma SSP (all models)

Unified Firmware Package

As of July 2017, Sigma SSP Firmware is bundled as a “Unified Package”. This Unified Package automatically detects the Sigma SSP model and installs the appropriate Firmware.

Current Firmware Versions
(both versions are included in the Unified Package)

  1. For original Sigma SSP (HD Video): V1.0.3.16
    Last Updated: 18 Oct 2017
  2. For Sigma SSP MkII* (4K Video): V2.0.0.29
    Last Updated: 18 Oct 2017



*) This includes original SSPs that were upgraded through the MkII Upgrade Kit.

How to check the currently installed Firmware

On the front panel or the remote control: press MENU, then from the setup menu select STATUS, see “Firmware”.

Update Instructions (short version)

  • Download the Firmware .zip file to your local computer;
  • Unzip this file first on your local computer;
  • Move the resulting “SigmaSSP” folder to a clean USB key;
  • Follow the detailed update instructions.  
  • Note: the unit will not show any screen activity until the update has been completed.

Previous Firmware Sigma SSP (HD Video)

Previous Firmware Sigma SSP MkII* (4K Video)