Omega Mono


The Omega Mono is Classé's reference standard power amplifier. It is an ultra high-power, high-current mono power amplifier that utilises fully-balanced audio circuitry from input to output. The Omega Mono is able to accept both balanced and single-ended inputs. 

For incorporation into the very finest audio systems, the Omega Mono embodies the definitive reproduction of all forms of speech and music from any high quality source. The Omega Mono power amplifier has almost unlimited power output and current delivery, bringing the best out of any worthy loudspeaker system.

Power supply regulation
The Omega Mono has the most substantial and sophisticated power supply regulation of any Classé product to date. 32 bi-polar transistors (the same quantity and type as the audio output transistors) are bolted onto a colossal heat sink. These transistors form the basis of the power supply regulation circuit and provide a totally stable supply for all the sections of the power amplifier.

When reproducing powerful energy such as deep organ notes or driving bass, the power drain on a conventional system can be great enough to starve other parts of the audio circuit. However, in the Omega Mono power supply, even under the worst possible conditions, the voltage can only drop by one volt. As the audio circuits under full power never call for maximum power supply voltage, the result is a totally stable supply to all the audio circuits under all operating conditions.

The circuit board
The circuit boards are constructed from four bonded layers of epoxy resin, achieving an extremely strong, rigid and non-resonant foundation for the audio components. This construction keeps the signal path very sho rt with the added benefit of containing the signal track within the sandwich of layers and preventing the ground plane from picking up any noise.


Frequency response +_ 0.1db 20Hz-20kHz
Distortion THD+Noise 0.002%
Watts per channel into 8 ohms 1x500
Watts per channel into 4 ohms 1x1000
Watts per channel into 2 ohms 1x2000
Power supply  
Transformer size 3,000VA
Number of capacitors 64
Total capacitance 358,400µF
Single-ended 2.25V/100KΩ
(volts for full output/impedance)  
Balanced 2.25V/100KΩ
(volts for full output/impedance)  
Weight & measurements  
Net weight 87.3kg
Height 495mm
Width 305mm
Depth 629mm